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Experiments + Works in Progress

Each art piece can be appreciated simply as presented, art with a disciplined palette consisting of the primary colors of light and of printing. The works are reminiscent of De Stijl, the modernist movement spearheaded by such artists as Piet Mondrian.

Viewed through the lens of a smartphone camera loaded with the appropriate app, it reveals a hidden meaning - which transforms the artwork into something more.

Each piece is revealed as a complete verse - encoded poetry - an experiment in art, poetry, and augmented reality.

The encoding for the Verses series is a two-dimensional barcode, a JAB code readable through an downloadable smartphone app, painstakingly worked by hand in acrylics with a palette preserving the contrast required by the code.

"Peralta’s cultural and technological activities culminate in his current oeuvre...

AUGMENTED VISIONS embeds his poetry  in the composition, to be decoded by the viewer’s smartphone camera, creating interactive modern art that, like a Mondrian, still has the ability to startle."

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